JinKeMa·LongKai Product series

The company specializes in research, design and development of various kinds of metal sheet (aluminum plate, color steel, copper plate, stainless steel plate, pattern plate) surface embossing, cold bending forming, unwinding and winding, leveling, cutting and so on, a series of embossed mechanical equipment manufacturing and production of various metal embossed external wall decoration panels.

Metal coiled wire embossing line

Metal coiled wire embossing line

Metal insulation decorative wallboard production line

Metal insulation decorative wallboard production line

JinKeMa·LongKai Embossing machine
  • 1 meter wide brick embossing machine
  • Export of Canadian embossing machine
  • Aluminum plate color steel embossing line
  • Aluminum plate color steel embossing line
  • Color embossed aluminum
  • Color embossed aluminum
  • Aluminum plate color steel embossing line
  • Aluminum roll embossing machine
  • 1 meter wide brick floral roll
  • 1 meter wide brick embossing machine
  • Metal carving plate embossing machine
  • LK -Y1400 type
  • LK -Y300 type
  • Screw-type universal joint embossing machine
  • LK-J type
  • LK-J type
  • LK -Y1400 type
  • Embossing machine screw
  • Metal insulation decorative wallboard production line
  • Alloy steel forging roll blank
  • Smear pattern
  • Metal carving plate embossing machine
  • Pteris pattern embossing roll
  • Middle brick
  • Diamond pattern logo
  • Gneiss
  • Orange peel plus logo
  • Stony pattern
  • Willow pattern embossing roll
  • Oak pattern
  • Foil embossing roll
  • Long brick
  • Foil embossing roll 1
  • Art brick
  • Foil embossing roll 2
  • Palaeo brick
  • Woodgrain embossing roll
  • Stripe
  • Clouds wood
  • Mosaic
  • Compass embossing roll
  • Zi Jinhua
  • Small macadam
  • Orange peel embossing roll
  • Diamond pattern embossing roll
  • Big stone plate
  • Grain embossed roll
  • Grain
  • Quadrangular embossing roll
  • Long stone
JinKeMa·LongKai Application scope of embossing equipment

The metal double-sided embossing machine made by our company has obtained many different patents and has been well recognized in the market. It is sold to Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Europe and the United States and other regions and countries. It is especially suitable for molding embossing decoration of aluminum sheet (aluminum foil), color coated steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet, copper plate, cold rolled sheet and stainless steel plate.

  • Cold rolled plate
  • Color coated steel plate
  • aluminum foil
  • Copper plate
  • Aluminum plate
  • Stainless steel plate
JinKeMa·Exterior wall plate products
JinKeMa·Customer case
Metal embossing

The company also has a number of self-made embossed production line for the production and processing of different materials,specifications of the plate-sheet,sheet,and so on.


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JinKeMa·Company profile

JinKeMa Company is located in Changzhou in the Yangtze River Delta, facing 4-A grade historic sights of Spring Autumn Yancheng and Changzhou University Town with a convenient transportation such as outer- ring connecting to Changzhou Airport, and shanghai Nanjing High Speed Railway,Shanghai-Nanjing express way, and Yanjiang express way.

We are specialized in designing and making metal sheet embossing machinery, there are many kinds of LK series of embossing machines which are suitable to you. the double-side metal sheet embossing machine is our patent product and enjoys a very good reputation in the market as well, and are now selling in Taiwan, India, Indonesia ,Malaysia, Nigeria , Europe and America. It is most suitable for aluminum ,colorful steel sheet , heat zinc plated sheet, copper sheet, cold rolling steel sheet, stainless steel sheet embossing.

We are able to make embossing production lines for different materials, specifications and patterns which are applicable for family electric devices, refrigerators, building outer walls, elevator car walls. etc. this makes the embossed sheet more beautiful and more strong.

We are making embossing rollers for plastic, rubber, paper products ,metal sheet and non-woven fabric.

We are paying our great attention to our product quality and esteem and are providing the best service for our customers at home and abroad.

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